Pedagogy YCS

(See - Judge - Act / Awareness - Reflection - Action)

 The Review of Life is more than pedagogy - it is the YCS Spirituality and it is a Way of Life. The three steps are simple, yet, complex and has a deep meaning.

To to See as Jesus Saw:
This means  "Seeing" with our eyes, hearts, and minds. To see reality objectively and deeply. Not only issues, but their causes and consequences on the life of people, especially students.

To to Judge as Jesus Judged:
We do not aspire to Judge others, but rather, allow our Faith to Judge our options, values, attitudes. We Judge whether the reality we encountered is God's will and if not, we reflect on what should be the ideal situation.

To to Act as Jesus
As an active apostolate and movement, we respond to the reality, at a personal level, as well as with our community.